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Daniel (Danny) Haines loves building, programming and creating beautiful websites. He does not love talking about himself in the 3rd person. He is a full stack developer looking to gain experience working with a great team. His skills are broad: from UX to design, front end to back end development. He enjoys each aspect, and loves building from start to finish. Previously, he's been in retail management and has spent a lot of time working with the public. On the side he's taken a personal passion in building up his skills and making cool things.




Back-end Coding


Database Managment




Responsive Design





Visual Design

Visual Design

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Heated ClickMaps

Heatmaps are an excellent tool for visualizing user behavior however due to differences in how pages are rendered across devices- the information can be inaccurate. With Heated ClickMaps I've bridged the gap between the accuracy of ClickMaps and the visualization of Heatmaps. More

Curve Captivation

With a love for digital art and creating beautiful work, I've found great joy in making my designs into physical creations. This Shopify store allows me to sell my work so that I may afford more time to make beautiful creations. Along with targeted advertising and outsourcing manufacturing I've gained a lot of experience in e-commerce. Coming next

Slug Blood

Slug Blood

An alien virus from a galaxy far away has travelled through the void of space for thousands of years. Carried by meteors, the virus has made it's way to earth. Taking ahold of an unlikely host, the slug. These slugs have mutated into parasitic organisms. You are one of few survivors and need to fight the extinction of humankind. Gather survivors and get to safety before it's too late. Beta coming soon

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