Community Central
I looked for local community organizations and found Community Central. I set out to create a beautiful modern website for them. From wire frame to bootstrap and then WordPress. I've created a fully responsive design with CMS. More
Trash Splash
I’m passionate about the environment and taking action to improve the world around me. I was given a basic assignment to create a database application; I ran with it and created Trash Splash. Trash Splash allows people to enter their zip code and search a database for locations in their area. I base the search on geolocation. If it’s in my database, I will match the user with a query to get them the most pertinent information on litter clean-up and volunteer services in their area. I’d really like to develop this site further. I hope to make Trash Splash the number one go to for people that want to work together to pick up trash before the splash. More
Justice for the Weak
By taking advantage of the newest technologies I’ve created a fast, responsive and easy to maintain site. I’ve used the Next.js framework, React and Node. The content teaches compassion towards homeless people. More
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